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3 Hindrances to Personal Development

Individual Personal Development is something that every person should take very seriously.

And I’m happy to say that the interest in Personal Development is on the rise. The world in which we live can be, and often is, quite tumultuous and to stand solid with some degree of confidence requires us to look inside ourselves to determine exactly who we truly are and where we stand on the most substantive traits of our core being.

A tree stands strong in the midst of a storm not because of its height, its girth or the spread of its branches. It withstands the gales of the strongest storm because of its roots. The root system is central to its core and lends strength to its whole.

If the root system is deep and firm, a tree can snap in half when it takes a direct hit, and a few weeks or months later, new shoots start to emerge and over time it will grow to its former glory, but it will be stronger. This is a rule of life we should all remember.

Hindrance #1  Justifying Poor Behavior

“I know I should have / shouldn’t have, but

When a person states the above or something similar they are describing, most of the time, what they are sure would be the correct, right, moral, honest or some similar character trait in relation to a specific situation, however too many times, the correct answer is followed by the infamous But.

The But is where one loses all common sense and seeks to try to justify bad behavior. Whatever came before the But, no matter how sensible and moral it may be is rendered completely ineffective, null and void. It’s like saying something sensible and then before the period in the sentence, the world of illogic is entered seamlessly. And it is almost always an attempt to lend credence to what one knows should not be done, but is bent on doing it anyway.

Bear this quote in mind, “a double minded person is unstable in all his/her ways.” The next time the urge to add the notorious But to a thought as to how one should proceed arises, try proceeding with what you know automatically is the right, brave and moral decision and forget the But. In other words just say no, by your silence to the But, to justifying bad decisions.

Don’t become a casualty of a lack of common sense by inserting the But right after you’ve said something sensible. You’ll stand taller and more firm by doing so, and your “roots” will grow deeper.

Hindrance #2  Reacting Without Thinking

Good decisions we make may not be noticed but poor, quick and knee-jerk decisions not properly thought out will almost always let themselves be known eventually.

When an important occasion or situation arises requiring an important if not life changing response, try to project yourself five years into the future. And in doing so, look back to today and think about what you would like to have seen yourself doing today.

Forget all the situational self justifying reasonings for doing something that at it’s core is incorrect, and focus on the long term goal. It’s virtually impossible or at the least very difficult to proceed with accuracy toward Personal Development when we don’t consider the longer term effect of an important decision.

In the short term we may avoid a difficulty, but in the long term we start down the road of when it’s more comfortable and expedient, of avoiding the correct if not moral decisions and one day we may wake up wondering how we got to be the person are, and we may very well not like that person.

Another quote if you don’t mind,

“Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these; It might have been.”

When a decision has been well thought out,  trust yourself.

Hindrance #3   Waiting For The “Perfect” Time To Act

Procrastination should always be put off to another time.

I can hear the minds spinning on that one. What I mean is, when it’s time to do something, over thinking a decision in an attempt to wait till a more convenient time will typically result in missing the correct window of opportunity.

When we’ve pondered and fully considered the efficacy and established the correctness of doing something, do it. The “perfect” time rarely presents itself, but today does in that it is here and as the old saying goes, (yes, another quote),

“There’s no time like the present.”

Now, many times something presents itself or arises that prohibits us moving forward at this time with an endeavor, but when the door does open, walk through it tough circumstances may not be “perfect.” They rarely will be. But putting it off, and especially if this behavior has become a pattern, will only lend itself to reinforcing within yourself that you’re a “can’t doer” instead of a “can doer.”

Do not let that happen merely because of inaction. Instead seek to solidify a self image as not just a “can doer” but as a “will doer.” You’ll come to admire the person you see in the mirror.

When it’s time, it’s time. Too many times, when all is said and done, more is said than done.


It’s very important to not let a failure in one or all of these key principles from time to time to define you. That’s one reason that number 3 is so important. But still, falling won’t define you, not getting up however may. If you consistently follow through on these three key behaviors, your journey through the world of Personal Development will be an amazing and fulfilling one.

One last quote:

“If you stumble, just make it part of the dance.”

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