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Character – THE Factor in Personal Development

Character is THE factor in personal development goals.

It may not be obvious and it may be a process of engagement that we may not realize is going on, but it is.  Whether or not we have consciously made a decision to put into place a plan for our own personal development based on specific values, nevertheless there is a plan being implemented daily.  Those values that we overtly or unknowingly place most emphasis on are the quiet, overriding motivating factors in our day and are in charge of our personal development plan.

We think that a personal development plan is that which we write down on a list  making checkmarks next to each item when we feel it’s accomplished.   Personal development is so much more than the temporary goals that take up most of our time.   True whole person improvement takes into account many more goals and factors than just – education, dating, financial, career or social.

anaysis personal developmentWe may be actively involved in a plan to improve ourselves from both the outside in and from the inside out; we may engaged in only one of those aspects that we feel at this time are most important, we may be somewhat interested in actively improving ourselves, or we may be asleep at the wheel feeling that all is well.

Whatever our part in our personal development, our character is always being influenced and sometimes not for the best especially if we are not “hands on” in the process.

Let’s separate this whole process into two areas:

  • Why is character important for our well being?
  • How we are being affected by a plan or lack of it.

Why is character important for our well being?

A person’s basic character and a desire to attain to even higher moral and ethical goals takes us from the realm of the mere physical to a higher place.  It’s where we, the inner person, get a vision of being much more than we dreamed we could be.

Whether we fully understand it or not there is more to us than what we perceive.  We laugh, we cry, we hope and we desire.  Those are emotions that are far above the mere epidermal level that some feel  life is solely comprised of.  For some that which can be tasted, touched, heard or seen is all there is.  And yet each of us are affected at some time and in some manner by any one of these emotions just mentioned and that alone should be a clear indicator that we are much more complex than that which can simply be numerically quantified.

And we are being led along by our basic value system whether we’re actively involved in ensuring that we’re on course or whether we just are going along to get along.  An emphasis on personal character development prioritizes our time, our resources and our personality.  Time can’t be recovered, resources are finite and our personality affects not only ourselves but others.  So there’s actually a kind of duty that is associated with being actively involved in our character development.

We are not an island.

How we are being affected by a plan or lack of a plan.

The world has become a very fast paced and very invasive place and the incredible multitude of input that we are subject to – news, data, economy, social media – all have an effect on us whether we’re fully cognizant of the effect or not.

This extensive and continuing bombardment by information sometimes from questionable sources will naturally have an effect on our thinking and therefore our behavior and our values and if we aren’t actively involved in determining where we are at any given time in a moral and ethical sense, we’re slowly succumbing to the subtle effects of a world and sources that may not necessarily really care of their effect on our lives.  Their job is to get their job done.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  And this extends from the mere physical to the aspects of our basic character.

it’s important to take time, some down time so to speak, and truthfully think about where we are, where we’ve came from, the speed bumps that we’ve encountered that have derailed us to a point, and we have to consider where we truly want to be.   We must have some definition of who that private person is when we’re completely alone and with no eyes on us.

analysis personal developmentBrutal and truthful self analysis is required for us to determine exactly if,  how, when and why we’ve gotten off track from our personal and more internal goals.  Now this doesn’t mean that we’re all making major mistakes in managing the inner person.  Many of us do check ourselves and we are always aware of where we are as far as our personal character goals.

But we all must understand that if we aren’t actively engaged in protecting the inner person, someone or something else may be more engaged in making subtle changes in us.  The world is a beautiful place but many times it’s not necessarily user friendly and certainly may not share our goals and values.

Character determines our goals, our attitudes and behaviors, our altruistic endeavors and strongly affects our personal peace and calmness.  And the price of freedom no matter what the subject or venue may be, will and always be our responsibility, and it’s incumbent upon each of us to be actively involved in who we’re becoming.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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