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Core Values or Crowd Values

There’s usually a point in our journey in life when we are confronted with a moral dilemma.  Either please the crowd, the powers that be or hold fast to your convictions.  Core values or crowd values will inevitably become an issue.

Now of course if your basic, foundational convictions are not subject to that pesky moral basis thing then you’ll probably have no difficulty or conflict in going whichever way the wind blows.  That’s up to you.

However, if you are one that adjusts your behavior to be in line with an already in place moral basis, certain traits and standards that you live by that are not easily subject to change, then the time will come when you will have a decision to make.

And many times that decision may not be an easy one because your income may be in jeopardy depending upon what choices you make, your relationships may be in jeopardy or other areas in your life may become a pivotal point where a difficult decision must be made.  And you will have to live with your decision.

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These times will be numerous throughout one’s life and require each of us to reassess our basic foundational positions and force upon us decisions that we must consciously choose to abide by.  No one is immune to these times, they come to all and they shouldn’t be periods that we hope won’t happen, rather they serve to solidify in our minds and hearts who we as moral people really are.

And whether we want to think it or not, each of us do follow some level of moral code.

Some of those among us are as fluctuating as the leaves in the wind and simply don’t have a difficulty with “going along to get along.”  Some of us make these decisions spontaneously depending upon the gravity and seriousness of the decision to be made and we learn to live with our decisions with little impunity. Then there are others for whom almost every important choice becomes a conscious reflection of their basic core values.  These are the people for whom life is more than just a casual walk, rather it’s a deliberate journey into destiny and they consider every decision and movement with some degree of seriousness.

For these types, the winds of doctrine and the times of questioning are considerably less stressful times because the decision was made at some point in time well in the past as to what their boundaries are and they won’t easily stray from them.  They may have to make painful and considered decisions regarding behavior to accommodate their basic core values, but they usually will make them appropriately.

To live a most creative and fulfilling life, we must lose our fear of making mistakes.

We make mistakes however and we must understand that we all do and we all will.  Many times we make decisions that don’t fit with our value system, and while there may not be a direct repercussion for giving in, still we regret them internally.  We didn’t listen to that “sensing” inside of us that cautioned us to proceed carefully.  And for us and us alone, it was a wrong decision even though it may have seemed quite sensible at the time and maybe even still does.  But this happens and none of us are immune to making incorrect and off base decisions.  But they don’t necessarily define us.

I may not believe what some people say, and I may not believe what I see people do from time to time, but I always believe patterns.

As long as our pattern isn’t one of constant and continual departure from our core values, all we’ve done is make a mistake, and again an occasional mistake does not irreparably define us.

In closing we must get ready because times of moral decision making will come to all of us and each time we make the right decision, though it may have some less than desirable effects temporarily in our lives, nevertheless we’ve held to our basic, core principles and we can stand just a little taller.  Even if it means that we stand alone.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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