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You crazy, the fall will probably kill you.

“You crazy, the fall will probably kill you,” is one of my favorite lines from an old movie.

The movie was an old western called Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  In the scene this line is from the two of them were outlaw/con men who are on the run from a posse which now had them cornered on a high cliff and way, way down below was a raging river.

riverThere weren’t many options at this point.  They could either be shot trying to fight back, go to prison for a very long time, or they could jump off the cliff and down into the river and take their chances.

Paul Newman who played Butch Cassidy said to his cohort, “Let’s go, let’s jump.” Then Robert Redford who played the Sundance Kid yelled, “But I can’t swim.” Newman laughed and said, “You crazy, the fall will probably kill you.”  You could see Redford thinking very quickly in his head; “Well, I can stay here the way I am or jump and see what happens.”  So they jumped, with arms swinging and voices yelling all the way down.  Well, luckily they landed in the river and they eventually came up, wet, soggy, coughing and a little sore but alright.  They had lived.

And that in a nutshell is the whole point of this article.

You probably have something, a dream, an idea, a vision that only you see in your mind, and it’s something that you would really like to see yourself doing and accomplishing.  It’s what you daydream about when you’re driving alone, when you’re walking or when you’re just sitting and thinking about your life.  And it’s kinda cool thinking about the “what if…” possibilities that might happen if you did go for the dream.  But there’s also the temptation to think, “What if I fail?  What if I fail miserably and everyone knows it?”

This is a fact of life; In three years it will be three years later.  At that point in the future what would you like to have seen yourself doing today?

Well, I have news for you, everyone will know anyway if you do nothing and your life right now may be quite fine, quite adequate anyway.  But if there’s that internal nagging, that thing, that thought, that dream that just doesn’t go away, you might as well let people see you trying and how it turns out, well it’s just how it turns out.  But at least you will have taught yourself and the world that trying won’t kill you.  And you never know what that may lead to down the road.  Heck, you might even succeed.

And sometimes what seems to be a failure, may actually be a small victory if you find that in the midst of the trying you discover something positive about yourself.  And one small victory added to another then another is what everyone needs to look back on.  We all need small victories to build upon.

A seeming failure is not a failure if you learn something valuable.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

possibility change chanceThere’s an exhilaration kind of like a butterflies in the stomach type of thing when you’re in unchartered territory and you start to realize that success really is a possibility.  Some may call it a type of fear or trepidation but I think it’s more of an exhilarating type of adrenalin like an extreme anticipation, at least that’s what I choose to call it.  I don’t use the “f” word (fear) very much in my life.  But even with some degree of trepidation going on, it’s the actual doing, the striving and the trying that builds inner muscles, guts, grit and confidence like nothing else in the whole world can.

Dreaming is never an adequate substitute for doing, but it is a necessary first step.

I’m not one of those that push others to do this or that simply to convince them that what they “have what it takes.”  Most of us do have what it takes whether we ever do anything with that ability or not.  What I’m most interested in are those one or two things that really make you feel so good when you even think about accomplishing them that they’re almost irresistible.

If you really try, what would you actually lose if you don’t accomplish the goal as you would like or even if you utterly and miserably fail?  Dying probably isn’t one of the options that might befall you unlike our two cowboys.  And at the very least you’d be able to say, “Wow, look at how far I did get.  I think I’ll try again.”

And knowing that you tried, that you “dreamed the impossible dream” and you “fought the unbeatable foe” as the song goes, adds so much to your personal sense of self worth that it’s value to your life is almost inestimable.

One thing is for sure; no matter how long it may take for your dream to come true, you’ll spend that same amount of time doing something anyway, so you might as well take the leap.

fear change chanceYou might as well jump.  And who knows, you might just live and you might live quite well.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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