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Creativity isn’t just for the other person.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been taught and it isn’t really that important what you “feel” you’ve learned from a lifetime of experiences. What matters most is what is real. But because of a lifetime of input that may not have always been the most positive (I’m sure some are thinking, “Wow, that’s an understatement.”)

That doesn’t mean however that creativity isn’t simmering just under the surface.

When we quiet ourselves, and look deeply into inner space, we will usually find a world of creativity, of potential that must not remain merely potential.

Inside every person and I do mean every person, is the ability to create something that is beneficial, useful, unique or satisfying. Everyone has this capability. Unfortunately many times life’s experiences cast great disillusionment over the way we tend to see ourselves. We react to how we perceive the opinion of others are regarding ourselves which may not at all be correct.

Too many times we don’t respond to life based on how we really are, we don’t respond and react to life based on how others see us. We react and respond to life based on how we think others see us. And most of the time it’s an inaccurate view of us because unconsciously we are inserting our own self opinion into the mix. A person of creativity won’t allow that.

This is why it’s important to, as much as possible, put aside what we feel we’ve learned,  what we think others are thinking and go forward with what we know lies inside of us. Dormant as it may be, still the spark of uniqueness, creativity is within each of us but it’s our responsibility to cast aside negative input and search ourselves diligently until we find those one or two areas, those things that we really want to capitalize on above all else.

Believe in yourself because you weren’t created without purpose nor without the ability to create, it is there. Go find it.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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