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Discouragement – Friend or Foe

Discouragement can be a friend or a formidable foe.

In the realm of personal development, when we’re embarking on a program to increase ourselves in some vital area, there will come a time when it seems like nothing is working out correctly.

This time usually comes after the point where we’ve written out and refined our plan and have been about the job of implementing that plan.  We pursue new habits, skills or experiences that we feel will assist us in getting to the place we desire to be, and we do so by a series of trials and errors.

“Sometimes there’s not a better way.  Sometimes there’s only the hard way.”
Mary E. Pearson

One trial though that tends to overwhelm us, wear us down and test our mettle is that period of time when we “keep on keeping on,” we go after our dreams and desires and we do  everything we can for an elongated period of time.  And we do so without any apparent positive results.  That’s the time frame that truly tests us.  Discouragement is a powerful foe.

And during that period of time we’re full of doubts and questions, especially when nothing appears to be resulting in the results we’ve hoped for.  And yet in our gut, in our heart we know we’re on the correct path.  Still, gut feelings don’t pay the bills; gut feelings don’t show others how much we’re trying and gut feelings won’t open doors that we need to go through.

We’ve all been there and we’ve all experienced the same world of self doubts that seem to come streaming to us in live mode relentlessly.  And if we don’t focus our resolve and our actions on pursuing the dream in spite of what we see, or don’t see in some cases, we will eventually succumb to these feelings of doubt and inadequacy.  And we simply can’t let that happen.  Not if we truly with all our heart want to get to the mountaintop.

During these period of much aloneness, we must encourage ourselves with our tenacity.  Common sense dictates that since a building is built by adding one nail, bolt or brick at a time, if we continue and don’t give up, we will build whatever it is we’re desiring.

enduranceMany times you will go through these deep waters, these dark hallways feeling very alone but believe it or not that’s a necessary part of increasing your future tenacity and resolve.  To march through to the end, albeit with much fear, despair and even tears, will one day allow you to understand that your gifts and skills were given for a reason.  And you’ll come to realize that because of what you’ve paid during the trip, you’ll one day look at yourself as someone of considerable value.

Building something that endures is great, but being able to look at yourself and being proud of having endured to the end is of much greater value.  Discouragement can be a friend, if we understand that all we have to do is get on the other side of it; or it can be a formidable foe if we only look at the circumstances.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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