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Never let others say you’re only dreaming, that you’re just a dreamer.  Just a dreamer?  That’s about as naïve as saying, “Well, I’m only human.”

If you truly think about both of those sentences, they are in actuality incredible statements and concepts.  Every journey that has produced solid results started with dreaming then a thought, a hope or an idea followed and it kept being manipulated, thought about and massaged until it become a rock solid plan.

Every cure for a disease started with someone dreaming about a cure.  Every job that employees people so they can support their family started with someone dreaming about owning their own business.  And every book that was ever written started with someone sitting down and thinking, dreaming of the storyline and seeing it come alive in their minds.

If we don’t allow ourselves the leisure, the time to engage in fanciful dreaming, we will miss multiple unknown opportunities.

~TM Hensley

To engage in what I call productive dreaming is to set aside some time every few days for reflection.  But not just idle reflection, rather directed thought processes whose purpose is to sort out what may be in your way and to think about, consider and include what could be of benefit and should be added.

dream personal development


It’s necessary to actively involve yourself in this type of “what if” dreaming so that you can start to develop a habit, a pattern of purposefully engaging your mind’s creative abilities on a regular basis.  We all need to have these “down times”, which are really very “up times”, regularly so we can get used to dreaming, thinking, pondering and considering being an active trait that is part of who we are.

There are so many positive and good things we can do and create but too much of our productive thought time is taken up by all the immediate things we have on our plate.  That’s why I seriously advise specifically setting aside some time for “dreaming.”  Without the dreamer, we would still be in the stone age.

And as for the phrase, “I’m only human,” you’re not only human, you’re human – wonderfully, powerfully and beautifully human.  The highest form of creation that exists is what you are.  One that was made to perform majestic exploits.  To be human is to understand that you’re the physical embodiment of love, kindness, power, strength, creativity and an inexhaustible imagination.

In your humanity you are the unique creation in the midst of all that was created.  You have a thoughtful and provoking mind, a soul and a powerful spirit.  You were incredibly made, so never denigrate your position in the universe by indicating that you’re merely human, that you’re only earthbound.

To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable, foe, to bear with unbearable heartaches, to run where the brave dare not go…

~The Quest

Today, as an incredible human being possessed with a variety of interests and skills, try setting aside some time with pen and paper and just be about the business of dreaming, just productive dreaming for a little while.  Challenge your thoughts toward the unchartered territories of what could be.  Start to unlock desires that have for far too long laid dormant and start to breathe some life back into them.

Time and life on earth are such precious commodities but they’re both given in limited quantities and that is why we should be about the business of dreaming seemingly impossible dreams so we can about the business of being wonderfully and uniquely human.

Author  Tony Hensley

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