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Exercise and Brain Health

Without a doubt, there is a strong link between regular exercise and brain health.

Most of us go to great lengths to accomplish all we can in our lives and to be the best we can be in a personal development sense.  One of the most basic activities we can involve ourselves in to gain almost immediate results is regular, vigorous exercise.

Regular exercise is almost as basic and foundational to good health and proper development as having a proper diet and though we see a large amount of the under 35 age groups that are engaged in regular exercise, still far too many in other groups and even within that group are still way too sedentary.

algebra notesYour brain is no different in one aspect than your muscles, you either use it or it deteriorates to the lowest common denominator.  So just as being actively and aggressively engaged mentally supports increased abilities and effects physical changes in the brain, so does physical exercise.

Physical exercise, especially aerobic exercise, has positive effects on brain functions in multiple areas, ranging from the most basic cellular level to the behavioral level.  The association of exercise and brain health and proper cognitive functioning simply can’t be denied.artificial-intelligence

Vigorous aerobic exercises seem to have the longest lasting, most comprehensive and immediate effect on healthy brain functioning though all exercise has positive effects on your mental capabilities and overall health.

Some of the benefits of regular, stimulating aerobic exercise are:

  • Increased brain synaptic and neuropathic connections.
  • Antidepressant effect on certain areas of the brain.
  • Increased cognitive functioning.
  • Stimulation of cellular growth in the hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for learning and memory.
  • Periodic 30 minute periods of vigorous aerobic exercise can lead to changes in the brain that make it more “plastic,” which is important for recovery from head traumas.

If a person wants to keep their head and their heart in top notch health, there’s simply no substitute for regular, aerobic exercise.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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