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Getting On With Getting On

When a person makes a decision to make some major positive changes in their lives, just making the decision is the first step.

Sometimes getting on with getting on isn’t the easiest step in personal development. For some however the actual decision is actually a major step. For many change holds about as much attractiveness as walking on hot coals.

Then comes step two, the thinking part.

The thinking part is where one sits for endless hours and considers just what one feels is needed to give their life:

  • Meaning
  • Specific Direction
  • More Liveliness
  • More Happiness
  • Financial Increase
  • Increased Sense of Self Worth
  • All of or part of the above

During this step, notes are made, the internet is researched, outlines and timelines are planned and on and on. For days, maybe weeks the new you is organized, methodical, planned, reassessed and all this is put on endless pieces of paper one after another.

Then, the day has arrived. You’ve determined what it is that needs to be addressed and you’ve actually got a plan and a direction. So you make a move toward step three, the actual getting on with getting on, the implementation of the meticulous plans you’ve made. And then out of nowhere life shows up. A phone call, a visit, a required change in your schedule, serve to interrupt your preplanned schedule. But eventually you get your balance back and you start toward that step again.

Then life shows up again. This time maybe it’s an unexpected bill that changes what you have to do for a while. So you focus on bills, change a few things, get past this and you try again.

Or it could be a thousand and one other things that interrupt what you assumed would be a smooth flow of activity that would move you toward your goal, but you start to realize it hasn’t been that way and may not ever be. So you think, ok, I’m going to put this just to the side for right now and get rid of all these pesky little interruptions, but I’ll be back!

personal development

And this is the danger zone, the place where most hopes and dreams stay, in the planning stage for one reason or another. If too much time passes we start to lose the vision of the life and person who might be. And unfortunately after a lengthy period of time we start to lower our expectations, to settle and compromise. Everyday life moved hopes and dreams so far into the future they seem like only a fond and passing memory, a mere “it would’ve been nice” because there were just so many immediate things that needed to be done and they simply took precedence over your dreams. And you’re not alone, it happens every day, over and over.

And one day you awaken to understand it’s too late, at least that’s what you think and so that makes it so. And you think, too bad, I could’ve been ___________. (You fill in the blank)

“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.”

When a person truly want something and knows it would not only make them happier but it just might also put them in a position to help and increase others, focusing the goal in and everything else out is a requirement. Now of course there are other things that take our time but the person of focus doesn’t let them intrude and overwrite their overriding goal. The goal must become an all encompassing desire, it must become a need.

The goal is the focus and to focus is the goal. There is a temporary price to pay for going for the dream. It may be that you have to spend more time alone, it may cost more money, some friends (or rather acquaintances), you may miss some fun times or whatever it may be, but there will be a price.

But there’s also a payoff. You can one day look yourself in the mirror and be able to say, “I did it. I, me, myself, I did it.”

And that’s a payback that no one can put a value on. You owe yourself this little victory because one little victory on top of another little victory on top of another will lead to your waking up one day and realizing you’ve become a whole new person.

Getting on with getting on is a requirement for proper personal development.

Author Tony Hensley

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