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What Goes Up Doesn’t Have To Come Down

We’ve all heard the saying, “What goes up, must come down.” I really don’t believe you can apply that reasoning carte blanche to everything. Personally, I believe what goes up doesn’t have to come down especially if it’s in the realm of personal development.

There are so many things that all of us want to do or have happen in our lives. Inside of us we know we want to do more and we want to be more so we start to make specific plans on how to accomplish these goals. The goals can range from better health to spirituality to whatever we can think of. And since the subject list is inexhaustible we literally have all the positive things we can accomplish in this world at our fingertips.

A long time ago I had been talking with a woman who was stuck at a point in time in her life. She had hit a speed bump that she just couldn’t seem to get over. I had been talking with her at length for several weeks and was getting frustrated because I just couldn’t get her to see what I saw.

personal development

One day I asked her to go to the door, open it and tell me what she saw. She went to the door, and my office was an outside first floor office, and she said, “Well, I see the parking lot, and cars.” I asked her what else is out there? She responded with, “There’s some houses, some trees, the sky.”

Again, I asked her what was out there. She spent a time just staring outside, but then she turned to me and said, “Everything is out there.”

And that was exactly where I had been trying to get her. After that point of mental clarity came to her, everything was smooth sailing from there.

All we have to do is see things clearly and try. Plan, execute the plan, work hard at the plan, and just try, then try again, then try again. But keep on trying. There are so many worthwhile things we can know and be involved in.

At the end of my life I won’t be disheartened by what I haven’t accomplished. I will be disheartened by remembering what I didn’t try to do when I had the chance.

Are you good at writing? No, then keep trying, you’ll get better. Are you in good physical condition? Yes? Then help others to be in good shape; write articles, start a blog, post on social media how you got to be that way. If you’re not in good shape, then start the process of getting in good shape, then tell others how you’re progressing and how you’re accomplishing your goal. People like to hear success stories.

Are you a good listener? Then go find someone who needs someone to listen to them. Maybe a counseling position, church prayer group or a group home for those with physical limitations. But for goodness sake – Do Something.

Go to school, take a class, try a hobby, search the internet for ideas but don’t let another day remain in your life that doesn’t have within it somewhere some degree of anticipation.

Life is just too short to not take some chances. What goes up doesn’t have to come down, but you won’t know that if you don’t at least try. Go out and experience life by just trying something new.

Author: Tony Hensley

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