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Exercise and Your Brain

exercise and brain

There is a correlation between aerobic exercise and your brain, its’ memory, creative and cognitive functions. Physical exercise, and more specifically an aerobic style of exercising, is one of the most cost-effective methods of not only staying healthy overall, but of also increasing your memory levels. When you couple that with mental exercises such as … Read more

Brain Health and Vitamins and Supplements

Good brain health and accurate functioning is linked to proper nutrition and exercise. The link between brain health and vitamins and supplements is similarly important. While I believe that the best source of an adequate intake of necessary vitamins, minerals and supplements should come from healthy food sources, there are times when situations require additional and … Read more

Brain Health and Nutrition

Brain health and nutrition go together. Solid, consistent nutrition that is focused toward the goal of maintaining and increasing cognition is vital and the two simply can’t be separated. In a prior post on brain health I focused on how being committed to a vigorous aerobic exercise program has proactive benefits for sustaining healthy brain function. This … Read more