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Humility is not the most popular and trending topic in the world of motivational speakers and personal development plans.

You just don’t see articles and posts about it, but personally I feel this is one of the most important character traits a person can develop, one that will help them to accurately bring about solid personal development.

Humility is a characteristic that is necessary to accomplish some degree of clarity, perspective and focus in life. It helps develop the skill whereby one accurately assesses their position in the world.

Without humility, you will not accomplish what you desire at least not in a solid, good character building manner. So, if that’s not important to you, there’s little reason to continue reading this post. But if good character is important to you then you’re invited to continue reading and check back often because this post is just the first of several on this subject that will be written and posted over the next few days and weeks.

So on with our trek through the world of behavior and internal motivations.

What is humility? I mean in it’s barest, rawest and most basic form and definition, what is humility? A problem arises when trying to define humility because it isn’t a one dimensional concept, it’s so much more than that and yet it’s very simple in it’s basic structure.

Humility is having a clear and accurate perspective of yourself in relation to others and world around you and the ability to ability to adjust your life and behavior accordingly to produce the most positive effect you can on those around you.

In later posts we’re going to have much more to say about the concept of humility, but right now we’re just going into introductions.

Humility is a very misunderstood concept that many people simply are not attracted to because immediately images of your basic door mat come to mind. That is the typical thought that comes to a person when one speaks of another who has humility. Or they see a person who is simply not truthful and is merely acting the part.

First there are a few things that humility is not and these things need to be clearly noted for us to understand.

Humility Is Not…

  • Self deprecating behavior
  • A pattern of self denial to your physical and emotional detriment
  • Giving up
  • Personal failure
  • Hiding
  • Being seen but not heard
  • Always deferring to others
  • An excuse to avoid conflict or responsibility

There are certainly other things that humility has been confused with but these are the ones that stick out. These are the things people fear most about that word.

The Problems

The traits noted above may be active in a person’s life because of trauma, but they are not typically a natural byproduct of basic growth. These patterns can either be eliminated or altered for your betterment by proper counseling and other professional assistance. Proper perspective has amazing healing qualities.

Sometimes a person incorporates these behaviors into their lives because of how they’ve been groomed and taught. This is a difficult situation to challenge because of the long period of time in which the person has had these messages drilled into them.

And then there’s the person who tries to be humble. This individual is trying very hard to appear to be something rather than simply being something and that process is not a naturally evolving and smooth flowing one, and it looks that way to others.

A humble person doesn’t take the effort to make others understand the great clarity of purpose with which they operate, although they would hope that others would see, only because they know such an exposure would go a long ways toward encouraging them and enriching their own lives.

At the beginning of this posting series on humility it’s important only to know what humility is and is not. Basically repeating what was said earlier but in a slightly different way. We’ll dig much deeper as we go along over the next few days.

Honest humility sees what others don’t and is always outwardly focused yet it has great returns of clarity of insight and increased good judgment. It’s like an investment with guaranteed dividends. It takes great strength of will to be a person of humility because that person must be willing to take on roles they may not be comfortable with in order to assist the personal development and welfare of others. And they have to do so while ensuring their own growth, enrichment and happiness. It can be a complex lifestyle.

Humility says I must “know” and go forward with as little between me and my goal as possible and I must somehow get the message to others that altruism is one of the greatest character traits available to mankind. Now trust me, to willingly incorporate humility into ones’ life requires completely new definitions and perspectives and a whole world of new options opens up. Many of which, if not most, may be quite uncomfortable.

Humility is having a clear and accurate perspective of yourself in relation to others and world around you and the ability to ability to adjust your life and behavior accordingly to produce the most positive effect you can on those around you.

The Payback:

Humility is a subject that is magnificently lofty in it’s goals and superbly complex in it’s ability to weave it’s way through the human mind and heart as it instructs the person in understanding what true riches are.

Humility is one of the truest art forms because it requires a balancing act of all behavioral traits. But what it brings is amazing clarity of purpose.

We will be back with another post delving deeply into this subject but for now consider what you feel is your own definition and how it does or doesn’t operate in your life, and why.

We look forward to seeing you very soon again and talking about this subject more.

Author   Tony Hensley

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