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Good ideas come at us from every direction almost all the time but usually we don’t catch them.

Do you realize that everything that has been made, written, proposed or created came from someone seeing or hearing something that no one else did. Ideas are everywhere all the time. They bombard us from every direction whether we realize it or not.

The way to take advantage of these opportunities for creating something new is to learn to watch and listen with a questioning eye and ear. For example, we see something we’ve seen a hundred times as we drive down the street so basically though we see it we really just look over it. It’s not important any more. It may be a small shopping center, the way a house is landscaped creatively, something in our home, or just about anything anywhere but whatever it is, if we learn to look and think with a more questioning manner, we can find opportunities that are hidden.

As we go through our days we need to learn to ask more questions. Like when we’re in our homes, we look around and need to ask “How could things be done differently? Could I come up with a way, an item, a method of doing this differently?”

Look at the infomercials out there, they’re full of things people have invented by just questioning the typical, everyday manner in which things are done. Look at your bookshelf. Is there something that should be written about? Sit and think about something, anything that you would like to have in your life that you think would be fun, novel, helpful or attractive, and consider coming up with the product yourself.

If we learn to have an inquisitive ear and an observant eye, we will see things that should be but aren’t. I personally keep a spiral notebook with me in the car in case an idea that I want to research pops up. Taking advantage of opportunities that haven’t been seen as such yet is how fortunes are made.

Author: Tony Hensley

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