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insecuritySecurity in an insecure world.

There’s no doubt that today’s world isn’t your mothers’ world and it certainly isn’t your grandfathers’ world. Insecurity can raise it’s ugly head at any time, and in today’s world, there are certainly lots of opportunities for it to do so. But is it real?

Sometimes in my conversations with people I’ll allude to the times in which I grew up and muse about how nice it was in the “good ‘ole days.” Many of them, if the conversation is one of some degree of depth, find it hard to believe that life was ever as I describe. However insecurity has always been around.

Now the curious thing is that once I was talking with a young lady who was checking me out at the grocery store who, though she was twenty years my junior, said exactly the same things about the times in which she grew up. Her growth decades were the very ones that I was speaking of as being so much less stable and secure than when I ventured into my teen years. But she thought, compared to today, that her early years were so much more secure than her present.

Curious, huh? Perspective is everything. And of course my father probably said the same thing she did as did his father and as did his father.

Do you see a pattern emerging? Our society and most societies around the world are gradually becoming more unstable, less comfortable and notably less secure and safe. No one can disagree on that point. But the same doubts and yearnings have always been around regardless.

Statistics are statistics and they support my premise on all fronts. So, the question becomes,

“How do I retain confidence and some degree of sanity in such a world?”

All around us we allow ourselves to be bombarded by what we hear on the nightly news, by what we read on the internet and what we see in the lives of others. Rarely do you hear any good news or as the producers of the nightly news say, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

First and foremost we must realize that, for the most part, we individually choose what we allow to infiltrate the innermost portions of our lives. Some poor circumstances are thrust upon us, but for the most part what we allow to remain is our choice.



Now I’m not advocating that we stick our head in the sand and refuse that which is, but we never have to allow it ownership over us. It is OUR decision and not the world’s to decide what we most deeply embrace.

If we continually allow ourselves to be bombarded with the bad, that’s all we will have to work with. The television channel is ours to change, the radio dial is under our control, and we have the ability to avoid to a degree the more negative people among us.

Second, we haven’t succumbed to absolute failure yet so why should we think we’re going to now?

I had a friend who was an attorney and he was ninety two years old when he passed away. You can learn a lot in ninety two years, and I listened. More than once I saw people come into his office for help. They were on the verge of bankruptcy or they were actually in bankruptcy. They were being sued, lawsuits filed against them and when they were encompassed with despair he would always say, “Well, they can’t kill you, so let’s try again.” And one by one he assisted them in getting out of and through their predicaments, and got them back on the road to living again. Insecurity doesn’t have to own you.


growthThe one thing they had was themselves, though many felt that was what got them into their situation in the first place so at times that wasn’t much comfort. But one by one he showed them there’s always, always a second (or a third, or a fourth or a fiftieth) chance to start again. And one by one I saw all of them rise again in whatever station of life they were directed toward.

If you’re reading this, they (the world, the negative people around you, a financial situation, a marital problem, ad infinitum) haven’t killed you yet, and they probably won’t. You probably have a lot more assets than you think you do and some of them include your good brain, your personal value system, your skills and most importantly your heart. You can rise again and you can tell the negatives of this world’s system and negative people to go bother someone else. But it does take persistence.

Dig deep inside of yourself and you’ll probably find a longing, a desire that has been waiting for you to arise, or it may be a stirring inside to try what you have been trying one more time, but in any case – They can’t kill you, so try and try again, you can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, as my momma used to say. (If you couldn’t, I’d have been just another statistic, but I chose not to be.)

Third and lastly, surround yourself with good people, solid people who have a heart for other people. Find genuine people who can’t be bought off with the most current and shallow trend. Immerse yourself totally in whatever is good, sound, sensible and uplifting, whether it be books, films, poetry, church, documentaries et al. TED TALKS, which you can find on YouTube, has videos by real, solid people who have been there and who have learned a lot from life without letting it take all they had from them.

Insecurity doesn’t have to reign in your life. And for those times that it does come visiting, that’s fine, as long as you

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ~Helen Keller 

remember that when it’s time for it to go, let it go, say goodbye and have a good nights’ sleep. Most things that we worry about never happen and if they do, who cares because it probably can’t kill you and there’s more important things for you to be concerned about.

Motivate yourself with these two main items and your life will start to change and in a years’ time you won’t know yourself and your past will be just that.

Finally, take a look at the video below, and take some heed from a teenager who learned so very much incredible trials. Most of all, decide that you are going to love life with a passion and the right people will come your way.

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