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I think everyone can agree that the world has become a very serious place. With all the gloom and doom in the news media everyday, it’s difficult sometimes to keep your chin up.

So much comes at us from every direction and sometimes we need some good news to elevate our attitude so we can continue to progress in our journey through life.

Yes, we all need something to cheer us up, something that can assist us in remembering that all is not really lost. We need something that will remind us that as a race, we are capable of beautiful and wondrous things in spite of the barrage of negatives that come at us relentlessly.  And we all know that when we come across someone that just refuses to give in to the darkness, when we encounter someone that just naturally seems to go the extra mile to be cheerful and optimistic, it makes a real change is our day.

What seems to make them different? What is it that keeps them encouraged and upbeat?  Well, one thing that it isn’t is the information they receive.  We all get the same information from the news, from the doctor, from our children’s teachers, and we all have to work hard just like everyone else, and we’re all subject to the same negative emotions and feelings.  So what is it about those people that just won’t let the negatives in the world take them down?

Our attitude toward life, determines life’s attitude toward us.  ~John Mitchell

That last sentence is the key; they won’t let the negative take them down. The word won’t is the operative word.

We’re all subject to the same emotional fluctuations but there’s some in our midst, and you probably know someone like this, that in spite of their own untenable situation, they simply refuse to let go of the belief that somehow, some way it will turn out alright, if they just won’t give in.

They’ve made a choice, a conscious decision to leave a mark, a positive mark wherever they go. They’ve made the wonderful discovery that personal development starts with attitude, attitude in spite of circumstances.

And you and I both know that when we encounter those types of people, the ones that refuse to be taken down by what is, but rather keep holding on to what could be, when we encounter them, we’re the ones that are better for it. These people leave a mark, a positive mark wherever they can.  And it’s not that they’re superhuman, they have just made a conscious decision and the world, and you and I are better off for it.

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Some have a way out sense of humor. Some always seem to be ready with a kind word or a smile at just the right time, but they’re always ready with something.  Something positive and beneficial for others, and in doing so, in staying with the goal of somehow, in some tiny way of making someone else’s day a little brighter, they do become almost superhuman.

Is it a fluke? No, it’s a determination to not let the negative take them down, and it’s an attitude that all of us can have.  But it’s a daily, sometimes an hourly conscious decision, and it often is not an easy one.  But when they leave a mark that leaves someone else a little happier, a bit more optimistic, they’ve paid their dues to live on this earth for the day.  We all need these people, and we need to be more like them.  And we can, just by choosing to believe in the best in people and to consciously try to pull it out of them by making another’s day just a little more bearable.  We can do it, we just need to decide to leave a mark for someone else to hold on to.

This decision is personal development at it’s best.

Author: Tony Hensley

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