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Lending A Helping Hand Will Also Help You

Lending a helping hand will also help you.  Engaging in selfless activities from time to time assists us with gaining a proper perspective on our own situations.

It’s simply an accurate fact that lending a helping hand will also help you and it’s one of the cornerstones to proper personal development.  Life is precarious at best and assisting those  you can with minor difficulties in their lives helps all of us in general by lessening an overall sense of tension and frustration.

And even if altruistic behaviors don’t appear to reach past our own tight circle of friends and acquaintances ( which it will however), still there is a rippling effect and we may never know how far it can reach.

When we lessen someone’s load in whatever manner we can it naturally will inure to the benefit of those with whom they will come into contact. There simply has to be a rippling effect, and it’s this effect, though it may never be known by the one who initiated the help or favor, that overflows into the lives of those with whom they will come into contact.

Just because you don’t get an immediate payback, or maybe you never see a payback, it’s necessary to understand that helping others isn’t a price you pay for living, something that you have to do, it’s simply the right thing to do. Doing some type of selfless deed for another is doing the right thing, and it’s doing the right things when we have the opportunities to do so that makes our corner of the world nicer, more pleasant and more bearable.

I opened my eyes and saw the needs of others, and in doing so saw my own needs as much less important.

Lending a helping hand will also help you in the area of gaining another viewpoint, a different perspective on your own situations by comparison and contrast.  It allows you to see just a little more clearly exactly how grave or serious your situations area ( or how minor they actually are ) by allowing us to see them alongside the problems of others. It allows us to compare and contrast. And that part of the process of giving can take some of the pressure off of our own life efforts and behaviors by helping us to understand that not everything that comes along our path is that problematic when compared to the situations of others.

Personal development and lending a helping hand go hand in hand, so to speak by allowing us to stretch our emotional muscles. When we engage in some endeavor that helps others and for which we very well may receive nothing tangible in return, we lose nothing except time spent focusing on our own problems. It allows us to simply feel good, and for some of us that may be something we’ve been without for a long time.

Author   Tony Hensley

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