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Life Lessons I’m Learning

Life Lessons I’m Learning ~ Personal Development Requirements

As we go through life some things are picked up along the way that seem always reappear. It’s when they keep resurfacing that we should get a clue as to their importance. Below are a few of those things that life keeps reminding me of.

  • Wake up (and get up) early. The thoughts have started to flow even before you’ve risen, so go with the flow and be sensitive and sensing. And by the way, go to bed early.
  •  Don’t set a certain goal to be the point in time when “you’ll finally arrive.” Naturally short term goals are necessary to determine exactly where you are according to your plan, but they can also limit you. The journey, a successful journey in life and throughout all of life is the true goal.
  • Learn always, and read – read continually – never stop, ever.
  • Write out your life’s plan and constantly check it, reassessing as necessary.
  • Be appreciative, polite and thankful and learn to ask for help when you’re stumped – These are attitudes that work.
  • Never back down – This is my personal favorite, I have a t-shirt with this on the front.
  • Never back down. Just had to repeat that one.
  • For goodness sake – Move On ! This is the important one.

A person doesn’t build on what appears to be failures. Look at what you did correct in each circumstance that didn’t turn out real great and use that part of the situation to add to your personal resume, the one that no one sees but you. Sometimes we need some small victories to look back upon, so write them down no matter how small they may be.

Forget the past and don’t dwell on what didn’t turn out right, just learn from it.  When causes, groups, organizations or people quit calling, when others reveal their true character and motives, then for goodness sake file it away and learn, but get on with your life. The capacity for true honesty just isn’t found in everyone, no matter what their title or position may be. Just accept that as a simple truth and get on down the road. Don’t waste any more time, there’s other real causes, organizations and real friends to be found that will appreciate your skills, concern and gifts.

Author: Tony Hensley


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