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Lint, Dust, Cobwebs and Clutter

Lint, Dust, Cobwebs and Clutter

Have you ever stopped and wondered, “How in the world did I get to this point?” and then think, “I’m totally confused, I’ve got way too much going on outside and in my head. I need to rethink all this.”

We all have been there. It’s so easy, so really easy to get too much going on. With the internet, social media, and with droids, iPhones, Pads, pods, etc. we literally have the world at our fingertips at any given time. And because we have all this information immediately available anywhere, anytime sometimes we start behaving as if we’re merely an extension of an ‘operating system” and that we should be continually multi-tasking.

Then if you throw in family, job, friends, hobbies, sports, spouse, significant other(s), a hundred news and information outlets, all of a sudden we’ve got all these little circles that must have our attention. (I mean, surely they must need our attention, we’ve got them don’t we?) The moment we open our eyes in the morning we start the booting up process. By the time we shake our heads, go to the bathroom and search for whatever it is each of us chooses to drink in the morning, our hard drives are already spinning, readying our calendars for us, and we haven’t even made it to the toothbrush yet.

I hate to tell you this but it’s impossible to give our 100% best to all of the things we fill our minds and time with. Eventually something will have to give and it will either be us in some manner or it will be that with which we choose to be engaged. But something and/or someone isn’t going to be getting our best.

That last paragraph is simply the cold, hard truth and if we believe that we can do everything at top efficiency we’ve totally deluded ourselves. Something’s gotta give eventually. And realizing that, a smart person will choose what it is that has to either be eliminated or trimmed back. Otherwise life will do it for us, and it may not be a pretty process.

Lint, dust, cobwebs and clutter sneak their way into our lives without our ever knowing and before we can catch our breath, kaboom – we’re totally overwhelmed and we are anything but at peace with ourselves.

That’s when we simply have to say Stop! to everything, and take time for ourselves and figure out which it is that must be dealt with. Lint, dust, cobwebs and clutter will serve to totally plug up our efforts for personal development and personal development is what we need to be all about.

Without prioritizing ourselves and what enters our minds and calendars our own development and happiness will suffer and that which we think we’re doing for others, a cause or on the job will also suffer because believe it or not, we just can’t do everything. It can easily lead to melt down at the most, or the unfortunate realization that we’ve messed up a lot of stuff at the least. We just can’t do everything.

And quite frankly we’re not supposed to. We need to be about those things that are truly worthy of our focus and time. We need to spend time with those people that we’re obligated to and those that benefit and enrich our lives. We need to include on our calendars those appointments that do us and them good. And too many of any of those items simply bog us down and eliminate the fun that we’re supposed to be experiencing as we head down life’s highway.

Author: Tony Hensley

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