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Making A Change In Your Life & Cash

Making a change in your life & cash, though it may not seem like it really do go together.

Some may have the funds to simply do whatever they want, when they want and how they want, but I want to talk with the real person on the street. The everyday Joe or Jane that is in school or works (or both) and just gets this sense that something must change in their life’s direction.

We’re going to assume that you’ve went through the thought, analysis and reflection process and determined that you, at least at this point in time, sense and understand what it is that needs to be changed, removed or redirected. And it’s at this point that you must become (and please try to understand the actual definition of what I’m saying here and why) somewhat selfish.

Yes, darling little you must become selfish as far as what is best for you and for you to complete the plan that you have at this point in time as to what seems to be the direction of your life.

And this must naturally include:

  • Your Time (probably the most important of the two)
  • Your Finances

If you don’t have a grip on your finances then whatever changes you’re attempting to make in your life will cause you to spin completely out of control ( like the swirling colors in the image) and lose the balance you really need at a point when you’re already in a state of flux. There must be an area in your life that you can count on always being under control and one of the most basic is how you handle your money. You must have a sense of self confidence that no matter what else hits in life your personal spending habits are under your control, thus you will be physically safe and to a point secure.

You have to ask yourself questions like:

  • “How am I wasting my money? I want to be selfish with it now and really use or keep it to benefit me later.”
  • “I need to focus on me, not friends, family or others, but right now I need to keep my money with me so that when all is ready I can move ahead the way I need to.”
  • “Not spending right now is actually good for me, right? To have money to use for really big moves in my life will make me much happier than the little things I toss money away on today. It will give me the freedom I need.”

Making a change in your life & cash really do go hand in hand. There comes a time that once the process of analysis and determination of needed changes is finished and a resultant goal is set down on a list along with other life goals, that one has to exclude the unnecessary so that these goals can be accomplished.

It’s very difficult to not indulge ones’ self especially if it’s been some time since you’ve been really good to yourself. And it’s also very hard to get over the habit of buying every little thing that catches your eye. But you must get over both of these and focus on where you’ll be in the long term and how you want to be financially when you get there.

Though I used the word selfish, it’s truly just the opposite. Generally we strive for a goal not just so we ourselves can be happy and fulfilled but so others can also be blessed by our new skills, abilities, accomplishments and values. So while there is a period of denying yourself certain creature and ego comforts, it nevertheless must be done so that others along with yourself can reap the harvest of your hard work.

In closing, ask yourself the following question and think seriously about the answer you give…

If you could be thrust five years into the future, but could look back to this time in your life, what would you at five years in the future, like to have seen yourself doing today?

Answer honestly and simply (honest answers usually are very simple answers) and see if it doesn’t make total sense.

Author: Tony Hensley



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