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Motivation = Peace? Maybe, Maybe Not

Motivation = Peace? Maybe, maybe not.  It depends all on what part of you is the focus of the motivational program.

At one time or another, all of us or at least many of us, have looked at, searched for, read or listened to some type of information that fits in one of the following categories:

  • Motivation

  • Personal Development

  • Self Help

  • Inspiration

It’s normal for all of us to want to be better at things in general or something in particular.  It’s built into the basic psychological DNA of humans to want to get to a place in their lives that is comfortable and fits within their personal hopes for their lives.

motivation peace personal developmentAnd there’s usually a time in our lives when we feel we need a boost, a jump-start so to speak so we seek out someone or something outside of ourselves to provide a little “get up and go” for us.  And the truth is there are some great motivation type books, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s and audiobooks out there for us to access.  I personally am very much a fan of these types of materials and depending upon the situation they have a very real place and provide the practical impetus that we need from time to time.

They can assist us in the clarification process learning to see ourselves as we could be through careful application of time-honored principles.  Whether we think it or not we’re surrounded by motivational information and media.  We have the particular movies that stir us, the music that moves us, the books that encourage us, and the person that inspires us.  It’s no great secret then that we latently or overtly use these types of tools everyday.

However, one of concerns I have about the world of motivation and self-development is that some become dependent upon a constant “feeling” of euphoria and aggressiveness and if one doesn’t have the “feeling” constantly, that something may be wrong.

The best fighter is never angry or in a hurry.  -Lao Tzu

Also, when a person seems to develop a steady need for a certain level of activity, emotion or behavior then the desire to aggressively increase ourselves tends to start feeding on itself, and one level of motivated attitude requires another slightly higher level, then another and so on.  And before you know it, you’re like the cowboy in the old west who ran out of the saloon, jumped on his horse and rode off in all directions.

motivation personal development

You’ve probably been to the seminars where a talented speaker gives a message of encouragement and he or she instills great confidence in someone who then goes out and puts into practice the principles they’ve learned.  And that’s how it’s supposed to work, there’s supposed to be a quantifiable result.   And there usually can be if all the information is taken and applied  as well as possible and in light of ones’ overall personality and lifestyle.

But when we start to become someone else, someone we feel that we need to be to become admired, that’ s when  a concern arises that we may just be losing the real “us” in the overall calculation.  And that’s also when the lack of peace starts to creep in.  When we think that we must be just like this type or style, or like that person or type of person, that is when we start to lose sight of the good “us” that has been there all along.

And we all have some great qualities.  We weren’t designed for failure therefore there are some often overlooked gifts and gifts that are waiting to be capitalized on.  We all have them and it’s drawing upon them and then focusing on increasing our natural skills that allows us to truly excel.

Good exhortation and encouragement comes into our lives and focuses our attentions on those latent abilities that each of us have, and motivates us to take account of our good points, capitalize on them and make them grow without losing ourselves in the process.

It’s not a comforting thing to wake up one day and find that we’ve gotten the level admiration we’ve always desired and we’ve received most of the “things” we thought we’d always wanted and still come to find that somewhere in the process we’ve lost ourselves. 

But alas! when we have attained our object, when the distant ‘there’ becomes the present ‘here,’ all is changed; we are as poor and circumscribed as ever, and our souls still languish for unattainable happiness.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, The Sorrows of Young Werther

That’s not at all what the world of motivation, personal development, self-help and inspiration should be about.  It’s all about helping us to find ourselves, it shouldn’t be about losing ourselves in some nebulous system of self-improvement.

We’re not called to be someone else, we’re called to be the best “us” we can be.  Each person reading this has an inexhaustible revenue of talents, skills and abilities that are very worthy of emulation.  Good personal development will always direct us to tap into those areas that for whatever reason we may think don’t exist or are not strong enough, and encourage us to decide that enough is enough, and that it’s time to learn how to walk in confidence knowing that as we use all the resources we can to develop ourselves, that this goal self-improvement and awareness is good enough and in fact is the correct goal.

When we come to find that we don’t need to always be rushing, climbing, and tossing aside our core values to become something and someone we hope we’ll find attractive, then we’re getting on the right road.

motivation personal developmentThere’s no greater happiness than to come to the realization that yes, we’ve used all the tools that are available and we’ve become more capable than we ever thought we could, and we haven’t lost ourselves in the process.  That’s real personal development.

We need to be cautious in the path to self-awareness that we take. Motivation=Peace? Maybe, maybe not.  Make it yes, and remember, real motivation and personal development will improve you not exhaust you.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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