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Personal Development Requires Commitment

I don’t have any idea what it was like on Normandy Beach that day in June of 1944. I have no conception of the rapid fire thoughts going through the minds of the men as they stood in the transports, heaving and falling through the waves, and as they watched the place of their destiny coming closer and closer.

There was no choice in the matter at this point, in fact not for a long time since their enlistment. But now they were truly committed. They may not have been perfectly ready, but they were committed. That fact was inescapable and I’m sure it was a major thought in their minds. There was absolutely no turning back.

Sometimes destiny doesn’t really give us much choice. Oh sure, there’s always the choice of doing nothing different with our but for many of us, for the great majority of us, that’s really not an option, though we do think about it.

All of us think about just staying the way we are and relaxing. What would be so bad about things, everything staying just the way it is? Would we die? Maybe from boredom, but not in actuality. That’s one thing that probably wouldn’t happen, but there’s also other things that wouldn’t happen.

It’s those things that wouldn’t happen that are the subjects of the many thoughts that come to us as we go through our day. We think about, the “what ifs” in life. We think about the “I really wish’s” in life. And many of us really want things, want life to be different, to be better. But there’s a cost.

Yes, the cost factor always comes at some point into to us and we have to count those costs. And we count and we count and the reasons not to commit to the battle ahead grow in number as we think and wonder and ponder.

“It would just take so much from me”, are one of the things we think. “Am I really up to the challenge?” is the next. Then the gnats and flies start to appear. “Do I really have the time to make the changes this type of commitment would demand?” “Do I have the resources?” “Who would stand with me as I go through the enormous emotions that would be required to accomplish my dream?” And then the worse thought we could have comes into our minds, “Things really aren’t that bad right now. I can live and live quite nicely with things just the way they are.”

So much walks onto the stage of our minds when we truly ponder making a major change and sometimes our minds just aren’t up to the shock.

The answers to some of the questions just posed may very well be the answers we fear are true. Maybe we’re not up to the challenge, however we’ll never know until we try. Maybe you really don’t have the time, so you’ll just have to figure out how to make the time. And maybe no one will stand with you, and you’ll have to do it by yourself. Well, then maybe you’ll just have to do it alone, and afraid. No one’s ever died because of fear or from being alone.

Personal development requires commitment to the battle ahead, commitment to the full concept of change. Personal development requires commitment but it also requires a solid commitment to ourselves. It requires us to face the fact that like it or not, this really is the battle we need to fight. It is what destiny has placed before us, and to not commit would be to face a much more fearsome fate than just not getting to where we want in life.

The foe that would always be with us if we refuse to commit is that we would never truly know if we were up to the challenge and we would forever live in the hell of realizing that our biggest enemy, our strongest foe had simply been ourselves. Nothing else had stopped us, we had done it to ourselves. And we’ll never know if we don’t try.

We’ll never know nor fully understand what life would have been like on the other side of the challenge. We’ll forever be outside on the sidewalk looking in through the window at all the people dining at life’s table. There will always be something that we’ll never know, and it will be the one thing, the important thing we really wanted to know.

Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these; It might have been.

The most difficult part of the battle is your committed decision to go forward until the end. You may take many steps backwards during the journey and you may do so many times, but the biggest decision you’ll ever make in life is to decide to fully commit to whatever it is you know needs to be changed.

Excuses for not doing so are legion. Reasons are few.

It’s been said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step but that’s not correct. Sounds nice, but it’s inaccurate. Every journey really starts with a thought, simply a thought, a “what if.” Then a commitment to the journey follows and it’s at that point that the journey really begins in earnest.

Personal development requires commitment to the battle ahead and many times it really will seem exactly like a battle. And it matters nothing if others don’t see it as a battle, remember it’s your foe you’re trying to overcome not theirs, so forget about “them.” Stay focused on yourself because you’re the one you owe this commitment to.

Personal development requires commitment to the battle ahead sure, but if you think about it, all you’re really talking about is a decision. An enormously uncomfortable one maybe, but still it’s just about the decision. After that initial hurdle, then it’s merely a situation of management of the journey ahead, a series of baby steps until you learn to walk then run.

Author: Tony Hensley



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