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Personal Development

Personal Development: As to the subject of personal development, sometimes, many times, we follow some catchy term, program or system without really delving into their meaning and the possible effect adhering to them or failing to might have on our lives.

When we desire to improve ourselves we sometimes fall prey to a plan, a program, seminar or other system that may turn out to be quite unnatural to the individual in its basic make up and implementation. And a perceived failure on our part to get what others apparently have received from the system or program may make us think of ourselves as inherently flawed and incapable.

happyWe can get quite enthused even about thinking of joining the ranks of other “up and comers.” And isn’t being an active participant in the latest and greatest exactly what makes us different if not better than those that aren’t doing these things? Maybe yes, or maybe no if doing so is to just add another label or certificate to our resume. If we think that a plethora of experiences in themselves causes us to rise above the unwashed masses, then we should be cautious lest we become merely “a legend in our own minds.”

What initially motivates us to add self-help or personal development as a specific discipline could be a magazine ad we saw, a prompting on the internet or social media, the words of someone we know, or even our own thoughts. Yes, even our own thoughts because sometimes we put incredible pressure on ourselves not to waste what we have but to rise to the top of whatever venue we deem important at the time.

The reasons for joining the ranks of the personal develop-ers are many, but the accuracy of these reasons, the true motivation for doing so may be considerably off target. The proper goal is not to show but simply to be a person that is given to learning, clarity and understanding. It’s a life-long series of sequences of recognizing our need to understand. Of course the question arises, “To understand what?”

The answer is to understand and/or make sense of everything that comes our ways with perspective and clarity as our goals.

Personal Development, the trend and the genre can include terms such as:

  • Self Help
  • Motivational
  • Inspirational
  • Self Actualization
  • Interpersonal Transcendence
  • And on and on…

Indeed, the newest, latest and trendiest ideas are endless and most are designed to, in one manner or another, to separate you from your money. Does that mean many aren’t useful? Not at all, many have some excellent and practical ideas that can be implemented in ones’ life to cause positive changes.

electricBut real, viable and “living” Personal Development isn’t just something that’s done when you’re “clocked in” to life and focused on a program. Personal Development is a way of thinking and a way of life that far transcends many of the “systems” you can purchase that are out there today. Let me explain this; being clocked in means when you’re consciously and actively on guard and are in the process of a specific learning sequence. I.e. a program you’ve subscribed to, a seminar you’re attending or reading a book you’ve purchased, something that requires conscious attention and hands-on participation.

Also, there may be specific situations that we coherently choose to enhance ourselves. Those circumstances may include work, drinks out with the gang, social media, dating. a seminar or any other relational condition that is sought or serves by its own make up to offer us increased positioning for our own and singular betterment. It’s important to better ourselves but not at the expense of losing our core self.

Real Personal Development is not situational or occasion based but rather is that to which we give our overall self in order to improve our core skills, values and character without consideration as to whether the activity implements a better positioning in our outer life.

Personal Development is living in the now and knowing/understanding/clarity rather than a material set of do’s and don’ts.

Personal Development is simply about being more and is not limited to the traditionally accepted trappings of being a “player.”

Personal Development is being ever ready and alert to understanding more. Because when we understand more we are more.

It’s very easy to write an e-book and outline a program that will be something others can subscribe to, and there’s numerous valid reasons for doing so. However the foundational basis for Personal Development which is a continual and conscious desire to understand more, may be lacking. Many have finished such motivational programs only to think, “I can’t be “on” all the time. I’m not going to run around with a grin on my face and presenting only a positive persona.” I mean, c’mon now, you’re not running for office and you don’t want to people see you as another plastic product of another one of thousands of self-help systems.

studyAgain, there are certainly reasons for engaging in such programs, but the more basic program we should be a part of is to set our whole lives to be one of continual learning and understanding, to simply become a Learner. Learners rarely leave a days’ journey without having something new they can own.

Understanding the level of importance of something is also foundational and goes before the actual learning about or the implementation of the subject, situation or circumstance at hand. Not all conclusions that are situation based rise to the same level.  To put it another way:

The desire of and a focused will for full clarity and understanding in life’s situations and circumstances is of a much higher level of importance than any one circumstance.

Personal Development is about always being “on” even when you’re “off duty,” so to speak. That means even your leisure time, sleep time, periods of rest or day dreaming, any of these can be times when you’re capable of seeing or understanding something new and beneficial for yourself. Yes, even during times of complete relaxation we can still realize new understandings and truths.

True listening, hearing and seeing are not necessarily an integral part of everyone’s make up, so it’s up to ourselves to become both teacher and pupil. Sound oxymoronic? It’s not, in fact if you adhere to a seminar, system or program without first setting in motion the skills and disciplines necessary to becoming a life long learner, you’ll find the programs and systems will eventually let you down and you’ll be left wondering why.

The art we’re talking about is a benign yet proactive sensing of that which is around us and is operation at any give time. Benign and proactive at the same time? Absolutely.

self imageWhen we condition ourselves, our thinking, our very self image to be that which is simply expected to improve by our auto-absorption of the bottom-lines of that which comes our way, then we are neither impressed nor distressed when we do or don’t acquire insight. Why or why not? Because that which is ours to own, will always come when we’re in an always ready mode to “stop, listen and learn” and yet are not anxious or on a time schedule to so.

This is Personal Development at it’s purest, and it’s this attainment without necessarily attaining to a preconceived ultimate that will truly set us apart from the crowd.




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