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perspective from solitude

Perspective From Occasional Solitude

Perspective from occasional solitude is essential to a healthy and balanced life.

There are times when life gets very fast and furious. We have so many demands on our time and naturally a responsible person tries to meet these demands of daily life. However in doing so it’s very easy to not realize that we ourselves may slowly be slipping away.

I don’t feel that a person’s real essence, their inner dreams, values and desires are ever totally obliterated but it is possible for that which truly makes us feel fulfilled and happy to be stuffed somewhere in the background due to the pace at which we’ve all became accustomed to.

Where did I go? I used to see me in the mirror everyday, but now…

This is why it’s necessary to get away from time to time from that with which we’re so familiar and seek a place of calmness and peace where our thoughts can roam on their own. We need to separate from the crowd and allow ourselves to reconnect with what our basic values and desires are. It’s important to check ourselves from time to time to ensure that even in the midst of much activity, we haven’t strayed too far from ourselves as we seek to please others and meet the demands of daily life.

I always suggest that a person find someplace quiet where one can just sit and “do” nothing. Someplace where we can just sit and “be.” It doesn’t have to be far away, but it does have to contain the elements of calmness, solitude and comfort. It can be a park, a long drive, a hilltop overlooking the lake anywhere just as long as it’s where we can just think, meditate and be with ourselves.

Just like we sweep and dust our homes, it’s important that we sweep, dust and reorganize our minds and souls from to time. Perspective from occasional solitude is a requirement to a balanced lifestyle.

Author: Tony Hensley

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