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4 Life Lessons I Learned From Super Bowl 2017

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4 life lessons I learned from Super Bowl 2017, was found not in the classroom or in a sanitized corporate environment. No, these lessons were taught on the ground and helmet to helmet in the rough and hard hitting world of Professional Football. The world of professional sports isn’t for the faint of heart, the meek in nature nor is it an arena … Read more

The Art of Underreacting


The Art of Underreacting is not an automatic ability, rather it’s a valuable trait that can be consciously developed over time. Today’s society is very fast paced and with the numerous demands that are made on our time, money, our presence, emotions and other areas of our lives, we far too often have a limited ability and … Read more

4 Steps To Staying Productive

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The 4 steps to staying productive listed here are vital to staying productive or increasing productivity. While there are considerably more than just 4 steps to staying productive, in fact there are an endless amount of other steps that can be incorporated depending upon the person and the situation at hand, the ones that are listed … Read more

The Same Old Same Old


The same old same old can lead to complacency. Structure is good in most instances, in that it gives us some degree of assurance, a sense of stability and a semblance of security. Most of us if thrust into a situation or lifestyle that was without any structure whatsoever, would find that life far too fluid and uncomfortable. We … Read more

Prioritizing Priorities

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In today’s incredibly fast paced world where multi-tasking is the norm and not the exception prioritizing priorities is an added layer to our weekly or daily planning. With all the devices we put to use today, the smart phones, the pads and tablets, laptops, et al, it’s pretty much amazing how much we can get accomplished.  … Read more