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Self Awareness-Key To Personal Development

Self awareness is key to personal development

Well ok, that sounds fine, but how do you define self-awareness?  If you sat down and said to yourself, “I want to know more about me, who am I really?  What do I really want from life, from my position right now?”  Would those few questions be enough to get the answer you’re seeking, or is that just a place to start?

It’s those kinds of questions that are the start of the process that leads to better understanding of ourselves.  From time to time we all need to slow down, take a rest from real life and quiet ourselves and thoughtfully consider where we’ve come from, where we are now and where we would like to be.

For this article I would like to focus on one aspect of self-awareness which all of us from to time unknowingly buy in to, and we usually do so slowly.  The subject matter that I’m most concerned with is the unwitting acceptance of a lifestyle and the associated goals that are far below what we can achieve.

“I never give up. Doesn’t matter what the score is.” – Caroline Wozniacki

The idea of good enough is a pattern of thought that can creep in quietly and slowly and usually does so over a period of time.  Rarely do we just wake up one day and think, “This is good enough for me, I mean who do I think I am?  This is just fine, there’s really not a need to strive for more.”

Most of the time the acceptance, no the acquiescence of where we are at a point in time or to a level of living that we know good and well is less than we could actually achieve starts to set in after we’ve worked hard to get to that point, and we’re tired and we start to slow down of achieving new goals.  And slowly the fact is forgotten that in our prior thoughts, where we are t this point was just supposed to be a temporary place, a short-term goal like the steps on a ladder.  It wasn’t meant to be a place where we set up permanent residence, but too often it becomes just that.

When we work hard to get to a place and we slow down to “smell the roses” far too often and sometimes years later we look at where we are and wonder why we haven’t moved along further.  We wonder what happened to the overall plan we had.  And without consciously verbalizing it to ourselves we’ve basically told ourselves that good is good enough, there’s no need for more.

And so we rationalize three things and even though we’re thinking these things we don’t consciously acknowledge them, we call them something far different. But what we’re thinking or feeling is…

  • It’s too much trouble to go for more, I’m tired.
  • I’m darn lucky to be where I am, I don’t want to mess it up at this point in the game.
  • I can’t do it, for whatever reason I’m not sure, but I can’t do it.

self awareness personal developmentAnd if good enough is something that you’re willing to accept, then so be it.  I’m certainly not going to try to guilt trip a person into reaching their potential.  But I will say that your life affects others, probably many others.  And there are many others who need a hero to look to, to pattern after.  So many times, in fact usually always, we don’t realize how many people are watching us and noticing the little things we do.

If you’re tired of striving and trying, then fine.  No one can change that.  But if there’s just a little spark somewhere deep within you that wonders, “What could I do if I just tried with all my might?”  Then I would suggest to you that you are the one that holds the key to a life that heretofore you haven’t experienced.

We all need heroes, mentors and examples and sometimes when we can’t find one, we have to become our own, and we can.  We can rise to any difficulty, hurdle, burden or need as we choose to require the efforts necessary from ourselves.

possible personal developmentWhen everything is all said and done, there truly is gloriously few others or circumstances that you can blame for being in the position in which you will find yourself.  And you’ll have either blame or praise to acknowledge.  Personal development and self-awareness are keys to accomplishing your personal mission in life and I’m firmly convinced each of us has one.

We all need heroes, mentors and examples and sometimes when we can’t find one, we have to become our own.

Have any of us really tried with all our might to accomplish the goal of being an example, a mentor to others?  Probably not, but some certainly have gotten a lot further than others because they simply wouldn’t stop trying.

Never stop trying to reach the mountaintop if for no other reason than the fact that you’ve never been there.  But there is another reason.  There’s the satisfaction of knowing that when the curtain call comes, as it will eventually come to all of us, you’ll know that you’ve done your best.  You’ve been true to the only life on this earth you’ll ever have and you’ve been true to your personal set of values and beliefs.

We will never know what might have been if we don’t run our own particular race with all the eagerness, stamina and focus we can muster.  We will never know that’s true, but we will always wonder.

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One day you won’t be here any longer, but you are here today and the day is waiting for you to tell it what you expect of it.

Author:  Tony Hensley


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