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Goal Setting

Goal Setting quite frankly is exciting. It means that you’re in charge, that you’re actively engaged in your own future.


“Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another.” ~ John Dewey

There has to be an end game, a final point of satisfaction, doesn’t there? Doesn’t there? I mean, c’mon, continual goal setting? Surely that’s not the answer to my situation…is it?

Well, maybe it is. When a person is taking charge of their mental life, when they’re seeking and locating new activities and interests in life that make their lives more fulfilling, the journey itself almost becomes the end game. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s just flat fun arriving at new hurdles, scaling those hurdles and discovering what’s on the other side. You’ve added yet another interest that you can write on your “this is my life” resume. This won’t happen accidently, it will be a direct product of goal setting.

And that adds depth and new heights to your inner self image. And one goal after another after another starts a pattern of learning and knowledge that leaves you feeling quite capable and fulfilled. Never stop looking at the next mountaintop and wondering, “Hmmm, I sure would like to know what’s over there.”

Goal setting is a situation that we all must periodically be engaged in. Setting new goals is something that we should learn to look forward to. It’s a time of self evaluation, situational evaluation and estimating where our present behaviors and activities will take us.

Goal setting is a major part of life to be anticipated, learned from and embraced.

Author: Tony Hensley

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