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A Solid Foundation

There are an innumerable list of subjects that can be discussed as a personal development, motivational and inspirational blogger and I enjoy dealing with all of them.

In fact the list of important and necessary subjects truly is endless, and all topics that would make the list have very positive benefits and should be dealt with and discussed. Some subjects and topics however are not really subject to choice and rather they are very foundational in their effect on our lives.

I’m starting a short series that deals with certain traits that are requisite for us to have full and healthy lives.  Over the next few days, I’m going to focus on five areas that I personally have found are necessary for maneuvering through life with accuracy and doing so in a fulfilling and satisfying manner.

The purpose of life is to turn walls into doorways.

There are many subjects and situations that need to be addressed as we move toward our life goals and they change continually as we navigate the phases of our lives.   We have to deal with everything from developing new skills, education, disabilities and similar challenges, and on and on.  Any forum on personal development, motivation, inspiration and self help certainly should discuss all of those subjects along with many more.

For the purpose of this series however I want to focus on five areas that comprise the cement so to speak of a solid foundation.  Without a firm base upon which to build, without a meaningful compass whether it be moral, character or otherwise, from which we direct our efforts we simply try a patch work quilt approach in  building a successful life.

If we don’t lay a solid foundation all other efforts are like trying to build a second story on a vacant lot.  Attempting to build directly on something that can shift and move does little to give one a sense of solidity and firm direction.  personal developmentWe don’t want cracks to form in the walls of that which we build with much effort.

I’ve already posted many articles, which I will revisit from time to time, on Values, Character, Humility, Being Genuine and Honesty, traits which are essential to proper growth.  However in this series I want to deal with other foundational issues that must be present in some degree or another, and do so while taking into consideration societal changes that have and are taking place.  I hope this will assist the reader in understanding why some act the way they do and how you can find and be true to yourself, your core self.

The areas we’re going to focus on are:

  • Ego Strokes – We all need them and we usually will get them, somehow, somewhere.
  • Purpose – Every person needs to sense that they are doing more than just occupying space.
  • Security – In a world that many times appears to be in chaos, we look for that which affords us a solid footing in life.
  • Affection – Though we may deny that we need it, most of us harbor a deep desire to be appreciated and cared for.
  • The End Game – What are our efforts for?

I hope you enjoy this series, and I look forward to your feedback.

personal developmentClarity, focus and direction are necessary to navigate what can become very choppy and uncertain waters in life, however with proper discussion and help I feel that together we should all be able to make it to the other side and have a very pleasant journey as we’re doing so.  The first in the series; Ego Strokes, will be posted shortly.

Author:  Tony Hensley

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