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Stress and the Entrepreneur

The terms Stress and the Entrepreneur go together like a hand and a glove, as all self employed persons understand well.

When we who are self employed decided that working for ourselves was what we wanted, we all knew that it require much of us. And now, many months, years or decades later, sometimes we wonder when the it will slow down so we can enjoy the fruits of our labors.

The problem that many creative types come to find however is that the very drive that propelled them into self employment and entrepreneurship now seems to own them.

There’s always something that we think of that we can do that is:

  • New
  • Different
  • More Adventurous
  • Unique
  • Something That May Set You Apart In Your Field

to do listAnd fortunately, or some may think unfortunately, ideas, thoughts and new and creative things to do actually do come, and sometimes very quickly. Your “To Do Lists” keep getting longer and more intricate. You may think, “Well, that’s just the price I pay.” However if we don’t learn to pace ourselves, that won’t be the only price we pay. And those close to us will pay a price also.

The problem is that there’s so much rattling around in our heads that are just, well, just such great ideas. The difficulty comes when we find that we’re always planning, and maybe doing a few things kinda well, but when will the time come when we can do, at least some things, very well?

That time will start to come together when we learn to prioritize not only our lives, but the plans, the steps to achieve complete self-satisfaction in our professions. That is always our responsibility, and ours alone.


Now we all have made the lists, yes the endless lists and the adjustments to those lists that we feel are necessary to achieve our professional goals. We’ve written them out in long hand, we’ve put them on a spreadsheet to we could sort them according to some priority we decided upon, and to a point they’ve worked well to guide us.

But have we spent time to do that same thing with our personal lives? If not, stress, the real stress that puts so much in jeopardy, can start to grow.

It’s easy to say that our professional or business pursuits are in fact part of our personal lives, but that’s only partially true. Yes, doing a good job is satisfying, both to our emotions and our egos, and everyone’s ego does need some degree of stroking. However, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are more than merely professional beings.

whole personWe’re emotional beings, mental beings, physical beings and, whether one wants to admit it, we are spiritual beings for whatever that may mean to the individual. And we’re also part of a family. We may not have an actual family that we go home to in the evenings, but there is always someone out there who is looking to us, sometimes up to us, and whether we understand it or not, we are always teaching someone else something.

We’re heard, we’re seen and we example a lifestyle to someone else, always. We’re not as alone as some of us may think. And many times much of our drive is so we can eventually “arrive on the scene” in the manner in which we’ve always hoped we would. Someone who embodies success.

If all areas that are important, those areas of our beings that I’ve mentioned, aren’t properly fed and cared for then one or more of the other areas will suffer. And there’s only so many hours in a day and days in a week that we have to take care of our whole self. And when we learn to prioritize and take care of our whole self, others with whom we have influence will feel more at ease also.

Our whole self, our leadership is defined as those areas and people that we influence in some degree. impressionsAnd to reiterate, even if we don’t have a personal family or significant other, someone is always watching us, hearing us and learning from us. Those others may include our spouse, children, grandchildren, co-worker, acquaintance, neighbor or others who notice us. So the question arises, what are we teaching them?

Stress and the entrepreneur can easily go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. Now I’m not talking about the stress that we all have in that we have some degree of required discipline and focus in our professional or business life that keeps us on point toward our goal. I’m talking about not allowing in our lives the kind of stress that disallows others to truly know us and feel that we’re an integral part of them, and vice versa.

You want to truly stretch yourself to be all you can be? Then pay attention to your health, fitness, emotional and body mind spiritspiritual life and give it proper place in your lives. And pay attention to others. We’re not called to herd people but to inspire them. We don’t have to be motivational speakers to do that either. All we have to do is give others what we know we’re supposed to give.

We can’t meet all the needs of others, that’s not our job in life. But we can give them what we know we should because real leaders are influencers. And we should be nice to ourselves also, to our whole selves not just our egos. We need to de-stress ourselves by taking time for ourselves and take mini-vacations from planning and always doing.

We need to take care of our bodies also. The body is a wonderful unit that when exercised and fed properly releases several “feel good” chemicals in our minds. Rest if vital, very vital as is playtime.

Being well rounded and balanced takes practice and it take a proactive plan, and you’ll find it fascinating how our professional and business life will come into focus and will end up taking care of itself. Stress and the entrepreneur to some degree always go together, but stress doesn’t at all have to be the dominant partner..

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. ~Stephen Covey 

It’s just a matter of sensible priorities, value driven goals, and finishing your race having lived a life worth living. Something balanced for others to learn and grow from.



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