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Are You Stuck? 3 Keys That Will Absolutely Change Everything!

We all get stuck at times, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm or define you.

If you are stuck in:

  • Low Income
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Feelings of Failure
  • Inability To Come Up With A Plan That Will Work

Then don’t feel alone. Some of the best and brightest have went through periods of similar thinking. We are all built differently and some of us don’t seem to easily fall prey to the situations noted above. For some however, they can evoke devastating emotions that cut like a knife into their personal sense of self-worth and brings much doubt to their thinking that they can ever truly “make it.”

key to successHowever, everyone has these feelings and emotions from time to time and it really doesn’t matter if they are overwhelming or not, they are still there. “Are you stuck? 3 keys that will absolutely change everything!” was written to assist you in getting a few victories under your belt. And if any of the bulletted points above describe you then a few victories is absolutely without a doubt what you need right now.

Some of us fall prey to these feelings, and we just know we have the talent to overcome, but they still have their negative effects on us. Some of us fall prey to these feelings and just the thought of feeling them may send you into a period of sadness, fear or depression and then we secretly start to harbor an attitude of worthlessness. We start to think that we were just dreaming to even consider that we could really be the “captain of our own destiny.”

Do you remember a time in the past when you were down and after a period of time, someone came around and said something that was just what you had been hoping to hear and you got back on board? Or you thought that you were never going to make it as a self-employed person until one day you got that first job hire or a check for $50. Those times are exciting and motivating, even that little $50 check could totally turn your life around.

What are those or similar things that come around to motivate us to keep or start moving forward again? They are called Small Victories.  And we all need them – Let me repeat: We All Need Them!

And that’s what “Are you stuck? 3 keys that will absolutely change everything!” is all about. These are truths that have stood the test of time, they are activities that when once fully embraced can never be taken away from you. Read on…

Key #1  Rigorous self honesty is vital

If you want something you’ve never had before, you absolutely must do something you’ve never done before!

I can hear people already saying, “Yeah, yeah. Heard that before, yada-yada-yada…”

honestyPlease stop and reread Key #1 again and this time think about it seriously, very, very seriously. If your plan is well thought out and is sensible and rational though difficult, hasn’t been working to set you toward your focused goal, then it’s not you’re thinking that may be wrong, in fact you’re thinking may be 100% accurate. So, what’s wrong?

It’s you’re doing that has to be wrong. Assuming that you’ve seriously and meticulously collected enough information about your goal, and if it’s a goal that others have attained to then the thinking part of your plan may be on target.

If that criteria is met, then it has to be your doing that is the problem. There’s nothing left to point to.

So what do you do about it? Well, the first thing you have to decide to be is Totally Honest With Yourself!

Without that, nothing will change. Again, without that trait of character, absolutely nothing will really change. So, assuming you’re willing to undergo that behavioral change, you must write down 3 things that you’re not doing that you know good and well you should be doing.

It’s get real time folks! Deep inside we all know when we’re truly doing everything we can but still, many times we go to great lengths to deny the real truth to ourselves. But this is you we’re talking about, not just some concept but you, and your real life.

And remember, this list isn’t static. As you meet a goal on the list, add another. This will keep you in a mode of consistent and continual growth.

Key #2   You must DO something in regard to what you’ve written down.

If you want something you’ve never had before, you absolutely must do something you’ve never done before!

Again, you must get some victories under your belt, even if they’re small ones. It’s vital that you come to see yourself as a person who not only can do something, but as a person who will do something.

office workFor the most part it doesn’t matter if the something is large or small. The important thing is that it’s something that you haven’t done, at least insofar that you haven’t continually made this something an integral part of your daily life.

Making a consistent change regarding the 3 things is what builds habits, and habits can mature to become positive and permanent changes to your self image. And your self image, if you’re at the place in your growth where you’re seriously considering chucking your dream, is absolutely vital.

Doing and hoping are not the same thing, that’s why they’re two different words.

Once you spend a week or two consistently doing something new in regards to your list, you’ll start seeing yourself as as a doer and not just someone who hopes all the time. And again, this is absolutely vital.

Key #3   Learn something new every day in regards to your goal.

If you want something you’ve never had before, you absolutely must do something you’ve never done before!

learningWith the ginormous amount of information that we have access to every day, sometimes we think that quantity equals quality and it doesn’t.

Every one has a different amount of time on their hands and sometimes we just can’t devote time every day so if this item needs to be changed to every other day or every third day, then that’s fine. (Takes a little pressure off doesn’t it?) The important thing is that this learning process is done consistently. That is vital because if we do it when we…

  • Only have a lot of time
  • Feel good about ourselves
  • Nothing else gets in the way

then it’s totally likely that we will never achieve the consistency we need. And it’s consistency that brings us once again to how we feel about ourselves, our self image.

Now there’s another important aspect about learning and that’s that it’s actually learning and not just reading. I can probably read fifty articles in a day about social media marketing for example, if I put my mind to it, but I will probably learn absolutely nothing except that I can read really fast.

Remember, Key #3 uses the word Learn, and that’s what we go for. If you only read one article and even if you have to reread that one article or even re-reread it until you actually learn something, eventually you have something new in your arsenal that can’t be taken away from you. Give yourself permission to read or watch whatever it may be as often as you need to.

And it doesn’t matter if you have to read something 10 times until “the light comes on,” then do so. Don’t let others be the standard by which you judge yourself or your growth. It’s what YOU learn and can own that is most important, so forget others and work on yourself.

In Closing…

  • Rigorous self honesty and making a list of 3 things you know you need to do
  • Doing something about them and not just thinking about them
  • Staying in a self image mode as a learner

All of these are absolutely vital to meeting and maintaining not only a positive attitude but also they are practical steps toward meeting your goal.

You’ve noticed that I keep inserting the line..If you want something you’ve never had before, you absolutely must do something you’ve never done before!

Slow down, stop and think about that. It’s such a desperately simple truth, but is one that is most profound. If you adhere to the wealth of information wrapped up in that sentence, you will without a doubt totally change your life.  Remember that it also applies to your thinking, not just your doing.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. ~Dwayne Johnson

And some parts of doing something different don’t have to be monumental, some of them can be as simple as learning to go to bed earlier so you can be more effective the next day. What’s important is that what you change is done consistently, because if you’re at this point, you’re probably tired of hit-and-miss strategies that come about because they aren’t applied all the time. They must become habit.

As you do along with your quest, you may come to find that your journey leads you to adjust your goal somewhat or even completely change it. That’s perfectly fine because by implementing these 3 Simple Keys that very well may happen by providing greater clarity. If you’re good with it then go with it, just do your homework first.

These 3 Keys, if followed will help you start to gather the little victories that I mentioned before and it’s important that we have these. We will become knowledgeable and more proactive regarding our future and we will definitely start to see ourselves in a much different way.

I hope, “Are you stuck? 3 keys that will absolutely change everything!” will help you on your way. God Bless and Good Luck on your journey.


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