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Success Isn’t Found In The Dreaming Only

I like people who dream, think, wonder and ponder.  It’s how things are started, with a tiny concept that mushrooms.

However, it’s not how things actually get done.  The success isn’t in found in the dreaming only, it’s in the doing of the dream where results meet hope.

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Is hoping out of style?  It’d better not be because without hope we have nothing to set the “thermostat,” the goals of our life with.  Hope is always a forerunner to dreaming new thoughts, ideas and concepts but none of that is where the action is.

Oh they may be exciting, in fact to dream, hope, writing them down on paper, letting them crystallize in your mind is very exciting.  Then come the visions of what could be, what you just may be able to bring forth.  Oh yeah, they’re all exciting, very exciting.

But the success isn’t found in the dreaming only.  It’s in the doing, the implementation of what you’ve thought of for so long.  Without the doing, without the grunt work, without the times alone and I mean completely alone in order to do your job, it won’t get done.  They don’t give out prizes for what could have been.  Rewards only come for what is.

Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these ~ It might have been.   -John Greenleaf Whittier

Will there be lonely periods?  Yes.  Will you have times, numerous times of self doubt?  Yes.  Will you have to put up with “regular” people who may think you’re wasting your time chasing this dream?  Yes.  Is there a chance that Raman noodles and a bottle of Coke become your new idea of a fancy Friday night dinner?  Yes.  Can you succeed?  Yes.  By hard work, collaborating with those who have already succeeded, by tapping into the multitudinous mountains of information websites, blogs and newsletters.

man alone lonely And by burning the midnight oil, alone, in front of your computer, just you and your cat, because you just know deep inside of you that it can be done.

You must develop trust in yourself, that your core being is capable of the task.

Remember this and never forget it:  In Personal Development, e-commerce, construction or whatever it may be that you’re desiring to succeed at, there is always someone else coming up behind you who’s willing to put in the time, effort and alone times to succeed.  There’s room at the top for more than one person sure, but you won’t know what it feels like if yourself haven’t done the things necessary to get there.

Let me ask you one last question:

If you could project yourself five years into the future, and then be able to look back at this time right now, what would you like to have seen yourself doing today?

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Then go do it.  Many times the simple answer is the answer; just go do it and the future unfold.  Start where you are and enjoy the ride.

Author Tony Hensley

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