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Take Away Something

Rarely are there days when you can’t take away something beneficial.

It sounds very cliché-ish but for the most part it’s true; but there’s rarely a day that you can’t take away something that is in some manner albeit small, beneficial.  Something that somehow made the past 24 hours a little better.

So many times we look for the monumental and stupendous and we missed the miraculous.  Yeah, I know, that sound cliché-ish too.  But there’s truth in so many of those old sayings or they wouldn’t still be around being said.

We all know those days when something really noteworthy happens, they’re hard to not notice – that’s kinda a duhh.  But it’s the days that have ran us ragged or in some manner just weren’t what we had hoped for that leave us tired and just wanting to get it over with.

Many times we almost trip over blessings while looking for them.

However even in those seemingly meaningless days, those days where there just doesn’t appear to be one thing whatsoever that was positive, even in those days there simply has to be something that we can be thankful for.

It might be for a relative that gave us a call, a clever something we saw on social media or maybe it’s the fact that at the end of the day we can at least go to where we’re living and crash out on the couch or bed, but at least we have one to crash out on.  I’ve known those days when I didn’t have anything to fall back on, literally nothing and I mean nothing.  And whatever you try to bring up that I might have had, well I can probably  say “No, I didn’t have that.” When I mean nothing I mean nothing.

But I survived and more than survived, I overcome, so even in those dark days, I had something; I had the individual will to overcome.

We always have something even if we try to deny it.  It may be there quietly in the background but there’s usually always an opportunity to take away something even something very tiny and minor, that’s can make us better, happier or just a little more at peace.

It may look just like a plain ole dandelion, just an old weed, but try another perspective and look for the blessing within your day.  Look hard because there’s probably someone depending on you to help them by exampling this trait of thankfulness.

Author Tony Hensley

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