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Taking Yourself Seriously

Taking yourself seriously is the title of this article, and yet it is and it isn’t the subject.

Now that that’s clear, let’s move on. Just kidding around, what I mean is that the title is but one part of the subject of the article, it’s part of the focus, which is the second part. But I want you to go back for a second to the moment when you read that first line. When you sat down, you probably expected to read a short post that would deal with some nebulous but positive and affirming virtue to attain to. That’s what one usually gets on a Personal Development blog.

But when you came to the end of the sentence, that part after the comma, and after you read it, you stopped. Maybe very briefly, but for a short moment in time you hesitated and you were either intrigued or confused. But either way, you kept on reading. However, for that split second you were multitasking in that your brain had reached a point of intellectual dichotomy and it was that dichotomy itself, the intrigue of the contradiction of terms that caused you to continue to read.

taking yourself seriously
These players have ONE goal in mind.

Multitasking has become a given in today’s accelerated lifestyle. At any given moment we can switch between executive functions of the brain based on immediate needs and we seem to do so seamlessly. However we do have to stop our focus and refocus even if only for a the briefest of moments. We have been disciplined to do so, and yet science tends to support the idea that we can’t truly focus our full, and that’s the key word, our full concentration on multiple duties at the same time.

We can recall with immediacy the multitude of things we have on our plate, either in the present, the future or both at the same time, but we can’t give full concentration on all of them at the same time. It just can’t be done and it’s not only science, it’s common sense. This is one reason why those who are of a creative mindset tend to shut off distractions when it’s time to concentrate. The artist, the musician, the novelist operates best in some degree of solitude in order to focus.

So, we come to the question, “How do we help ourselves to focus on the best path at this point in our lives?”

Check out this short video then let’s come back to our subject…

I said Taking Yourself Seriously is and isn’t the subject of this article because while that is the end product of this post, there are certain steps that one must take to fully develop oneself that are also equally important. And those steps rise to the same level as the subject in their importance because it’s very difficult if not impossible to reach the one, without implementing and being aware of the other.

There are timclutteres that our lives may have apparent positive points and sometimes not. Our goal, if we truly take our life on this earth seriously, should be to increase the former and lessen the latter. And one way we do that is to clean our personal house. We have to make a conscious effort to eliminate that which is taking our focus away from our potential.

It’s very easy to be about the immediate while neglecting the necessary if we have too much “stuff” that demands our attention.

Of course there are a multitude of things that are important that we must be about doing, however there are an enormous amount of activities and the resultant thought time that we give to them that simply are not conducive to our personal fulfillment. 

Everyone has a calling, a destiny that we must learn to focus on.

Periods of reevaluation are necessary for us to ensure that we are on the “main road” and that we haven’t meandered off down some time consuming and unimportant rabbit trail. While “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” to be sure, still too much of the unimportant will also impede our personal development and may even completely eliminate us reaching the goal for our life that we have deep inside of us.

Getting that goal to the outside and consciously acknowledging it, and dealing with whatever it may be could be slowing us down from reaching our most heartfelt goal, takes conscious effort. Nobody ever “won” by just showing up.

And it’s that certain something that above all things and traits that we want to be known for and remembered for that must become the focus of our efforts and it’s why we should be about the serious business of Taking Ourselves Seriously.

Taking Ourselves Seriously is the most important thing we can focus on. Everyone has a unique and specific purpose. That purpose may not be evident and may seem incongruous to our present situation but it is true. When we aren’t eliminating the excess and focusing on the important, we leave a gap that someone else must fill.

taking yourself seriouslyThe artist must be about his or her passion, as must the writer, the homemaker, the group leader and the secretary. If we have spent the time required to look into ourselves with rigorous honesty and have found that to which we are willing to fully give ourselves, then it’s nonsensical to not be involved in the practical doing of that goal. And if we are not, then we aren’t taking ourselves (our gifts, our hearts, our talents, our character traits) seriously.

To take ourselves seriously means spending the time to assess ourselves, our hearts and our hopes and moving forward with conscious discipline. It means understanding that each one of us has a gift that others need, and that our ideas don’t have to be scattered and wandering but can be focused.

And it doesn’t mean being somber all the time, it simply means that you’ve taken the time to determine what the priorities are for you life.

Taking Yourself Seriously means you don’t take the gift of life lightly and that you’re all about eliminating the clutter and debris of life, the unimportant nonsense, and for many it means making the decision to get past the past. If we don’t, the world will be poorer, we will not feel fulfilled, and some, though they may not know our names, will wonder why someone wasn’t there for them at their time of need.

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