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Time To Reboot Your Thinking?

Sometimes, when things just seem to get, well, stale, it may be time to reboot your thinking.  In many cases a new perspective serves to give us the motivation we need.

When we forget to give ourselves the recognition we deserve, we may be looking through the lens of that which was and not that which is.

It’s not the mountain that we need to conquer, it’s ourselves.  -Sir Edmund Hillary

If we really think about the path we’ve taken and if we truly took time to detail our journey through life, it would probably amaze us the twists, turns and uphill climbs we’ve made just to get to where we are today.

Now, I don’t mean necessarily your financial position, your social or romantic situation nor do I necessarily mean how you think you feel about yourself.  Too many times how we think we think about ourselves is based on our perception of other’s perceptions of us.  And neither may reflect reality.

A new motivation that results in solid personal development comes from a very accurate view of oneself.

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In the world of computing there’s something called a cache.   A personal computer’s cache stores values (let’s just say data to make it simple) that is stored locally, in other words within the computer itself.  This means we don’t have to go way out there in the web netherworld to fetch the data for future use, rather we have a version of it in our computer that we can retrieve much faster.

However, sometimes when we want a new version of let’s say a website that we’re working on, we have to delete the cache so we can obtain a new version, rendition or context with our subject we might use the word perspective.   When we need to see the new version, the big picture, we have to erase that which we think is the only version of us which may very well be based on old, if not very old information and viewpoints.

And to clear the old out in order to retrieve the new, we have to clear the cache and then it’s time to reboot.

So many of our efforts go unnoticed, by ourselves.  And why is that?  Because too much time is spent on what other’s, whether they be people, groups or organizations, think.  Again, it’s our perspective of what we assume (mark that word) that another’s perspective of us is that may tend us to not give ourselves the proper credit due.

And that’s when it’s time to reboot your thinking.  Going back to my analogy of the computer, we need to drop the old memory cache so we can accurately see with clear eyes, the version of us that we’ve actually become.

Sometimes it’s important to take the time to make a list (and check it twice) of clarity personal developmentwhere we were in the annals of yesteryear, and go back over the roads we’ve trod.  We need to give credit when and where credit is due and far too many times we simply don’t give ourselves enough credit for the overwhelming obstacles that we’ve come through.

When what we think that others think becomes our thinking very little is rooted and grounded in reality.   When we become too dependent upon the opinions and attitudes of others, we become more like them and less like us, the real us.  True individuals are rare in today’s synthetic world.

We take far too many of our cues from the world around us and far too few from the world within us.

it may be time to reboot, clear out the old version that actually doesn’t exist anymore and look with clarity and accuracy at the real you/us.  We’ve come through far too much to just let it go at this point and become something that we feel other’s feel we should be.  And when we can’t, since it never works out, our eternal frustrations invade our present.  Our efforts, struggles, down and up times, have made us much more valuable than we give ourselves credit for.

If you’re stuck in neutral, it may be time to reboot your thinking, take a fresh look at yourself and get about the business of being the gift you are.

Author:  Tony Hensley


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