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You are a unique person designed for a unique purpose

You are a unique person designed for a unique purpose. And there’s one thing you can be assured of, you are not an accident.

We all wonder from time to time if all is as it should be in our lives.  Sometimes we just can’t see rhyme or reason behind our being here or in the position that we’re in right now.

But there is a rhyme and definitely a reason. You see, there is a rhythm in life, among people and in nature and the interactions that go on are not coincidental. Now we may not be in tune at a certain point in time to understand how things work together for ultimate good, but that doesn’t change the fact that they do.  At least if the moral compass is in operation.

As for the reasons for us not only being here but being where we are at this time in history, well, what got us where we are could be the subject matter of a library of books. However what’s important is where we are and is it where we feel we should be and if not what do we do now that we’re here.

From time to time it’s very important to take a break from the grind and get alone and go over your life in detail. It’s preferred that such a task be undertaken in a place and a moment of peace and solitude where a sense of comfort can be had with oneself. These times of reassessment and self analysis are important to all of us so that we can maintain a sense of balance and purpose.

Never underestimate this time spent. Two or three times a year I’d suggest getting alone and letting your thoughts wander to “what if” scenarios, reflections on the recent months past, and seriously considering where you’d like to be in a few more months. Ideas can flourish at times like this.

Author:  Tony Hensley


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