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Values, a gift we give ourselves that’s truly worth more than silver, gold and jewels.

Most of us when we rise in the morning, start with the list of to-do’s that comes almost automatically to our mind. As we start to move about we go over the list quickly and start to prioritize the things we need to do for the day, and the process starts many times before we’ve gotten very far from the bed.

It’s a busy world for most of us and we have responsibilities that must be met, appointments to keep and duties to perform for ourselves, family, friends and others. We usually have these necessary duties generally laid out in our minds the night before, so in the morning we start the process of accommodating these responsibilities. We are responsible people and we want to be so.

A solid moral compass will guide us through the hard decisions.

It’s good to be responsible and there’s always a sense of good personal worth when we look back on our day and can see a job well done. It does make us feel adult and capable, especially in a world where so many are invested in doing the minimum to get by and get along. We do and we should feel a sense of satisfaction in accomplishing those things that we feel are necessary to the well being of ourselves and others.

Most of us have a broad idea of the direction of we want to be traveling in life and generally, whether we sense it or not, the overall theme and direction of our lives are based on a set of values that we’ve learned along the way. Values have become an integral part of the underlying foundation or our lives whether we’ve been active in choosing and implementing them or not.

Whether we were actually taught a moral direction we still have a “character compass” that we’ve picked up based on what we have seen been exposed to and what we’ve decided to either include or exclude in our lives. We all have a moral direction, a set of values that generally directs our lives but the question that is most important is have we just went along with the path of least resistance, including in our hearts and minds those traits that seem to be most acceptable based on what we want our goals to be at a particular point in time or have we taken the time to sit down and deliberately decided what principles, what values will guide our lives?

values personal development

We take charge of our lives in so many ways. We decide, for the most part, who we will choose as our friends and acquaintances, where and with whom we will spend our leisure time, what our interests and hobbies will be and what area our business or professional life will move toward. But are we actively engaged in our moral life?

Solid values are integral for accurate personal development.

Active engagement in implementing a set of moral and character values takes some time and will always be a process of constant reassessment as we move along life’s road. And yes it requires us to ask ourselves the tough questions that go deep into our souls. But we must do so because it’s the underlying basis of our sense of self worth and purpose and it’s much better to take control and direction of that moral compass and decide ourselves which way it will point rather than letting it be established based on our immediate reactions to what life tosses at us. Even those immediate reactions will mount up until they become the underlying foundations of values that will subtly guide us.

A stronger sense of worth and of being capable will develop if we, ahead of time – ahead of the bumps, problems and difficulties that will undoubtedly come our way, if we decide what our moral, spiritual and character basis will be and make the conscious effort to act and react to life based on those values. A solid moral foundation really is a treasure of inestimable worth.

Truly beneficial personal development requires a solid moral compass.

Author: Tony Hensley


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